Semester Plan
                         Topic: Teaching Task/Activity
T2 Wk 8 Exploring Research Skills: Critically approaching sources Determining reliability and validity
T2 Wk 9 Selecting information and interpreting data P2 - planning the research
T2 Wk 10 Cross referencing sources and Formative analysis Analysing sources practice
T3 Wk 1 Summative Analysis Assignment 2 part assignment on D2 - reliability
T3 Wk 2 Assignment due and analysing sources
T3 Wk 3 Mini Research Project: Basic types of research Define a topic and question - P1
T3 Wk 4 Gantt chart Gantt chart - P2
T3 Wk 5 Data collection (unusual but useful forms) Collect data - D1, D2, D3
T3 Wk 6 Keeping records  
T3 Wk 7 Referencing  
T3 Wk 8 Key findings and conclusions Synthesis (Outcome) - S1, S2, S3
T3 Wk 9    
T4 Wk 1 Evaluation Evaluation - E1, E2, E3
T4 Wk 2    
T4 Wk 3 Purpose of Research Assignment on purpose of research
T4 Wk 4 Research Questions: What makes a good question, preliminary research Lotus chart, PMI/SWOT , Processes mind map
T4 Wk 5 Question refinement State Library visit
T4 Wk 6 Questions answered on Year 12 RP Adelaide Uni visit