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Vocab Week 1

In your lessons we will discuss the words in your German memo book. You will be having a test on the vocab words I give you each week.

To avoid clashing with your English spelling test you will have your German vocab test on the first German lesson of the week.  If you are in 7A it will be Tuesdays, and 7B will be during the Monday lesson.  I will use different ways of testing your learning, and try to incorporate fun into your lessons.  It may be a game, or a kahoot, crossword, or just a regular list of words.  

If you have any questions or concerns, please always ask me first.  I would much rather you speak with me and I change something, and we save you the stress of worrying for no reason.  


Week 1

Europa                                  Europe

Deutschland                           Germany

Österreich                             Austria

die Schweiz                           Switzerland

in der Schweiz                       in Switzerland

das Nachbarland (-“er)           neighbouring country

der Staat (en)                        state

die Hauptstadt (-“e)                capital city

die Groβstadt (-“e)                 major city

die Stadt (-“e)                        city

der Wald (-“er)                       forest

der Berg (-e)                          mountain

der Fluss (-“e)                        river

der See (n)                            lake