Year 8 Digital Technologies
Game Design
NCSS Challenge Term 1

LI: Distinguish between different networks and purposes

Extension: Control, management and security implications

4 videos (The Internet, Wires and Wireless, Packets and Reliability)

Web probe: Tracing a packet around the world

Unplugged activity: The Need for DNS

Video: IP Addresses and DNS

Class activity: Using an Internet simulator

Packet-switching network with Micro:bit

Term 1 Survey

Project Management and Robotics

LI: Evaluate meeting needs, innovation and sustainability

Extension: Evaluate risk and potential for enterprise

Agile vs. Traditional


LI: Plan and manage digital projects to model and create solutions

Extension: Decompose problems and/or use an iterative approach


Text-based Coding

LI: Test, modify and implement simple text programs

Extension: Test and predict results, implement digital solutions

3, 6 (possibly 7, 8)

Grok Learning (use Microsoft to log in)

Python (in browser)

Term 2 Survey


LI: Use appropriate protocols when communicating and collaborating

Extension: Explain why content data are separated from presentation


Grok Learning HTML/CSS (use Microsoft to log in)

Choose Your Own Adventure example website

Glitch website creator (starter code)

Cheat Sheets: HTML | CSS

Term 3 Survey


LI: Use a general-purpose programming language

Extension: Use modular and/or object-oriented approaches

Hat Stack: Demo



Term 4 Survey

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HatStack Part 2.docx
HatStack Part 3.docx
HatStack Part 4.docx
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