Environmental Change & Management
Mind Mapping Environmental Change
Mind Map Brainstorm - Combined Resources.pdf
Environmental Change.pptx
Instructions for Thursday (Week 1)

1. Print out the Mind Map (attachment 1) or you can type your answers straight onto the word version of the same sheet (attachment 2). Brainstorm how and why the environment changes, both naturally and as a result of human interference. Think about what effects these changes have on the planet. You may ask family members or siblings for ideas if you like.

2. Click on the link to watch this video: https:/www.youtube.comwatch?v=Um-bo2MWDsQ. Add any other points that you didn't think of to your mind map.

3. Print out the comprehension questions (attachment 2). If you don't have a printer you can type or write the answers on a separate sheet. Watch the video in the panel below this one entitled "The Great Barrier Reef, A Natural Wonder" (use your school login), answering the questions as you go. 

4. Email me your answers if you typed them. If you hand wrote them you can hang onto them ready to hand in when you come back.

1. Mind Mapping Environmental Change.pdf
2. Mind Mapping Environmental Change.docx
3. Comprehension Questions.pdf
The Great Barrier Reef
Instructions for Monday & Thursday (Week 2)

1. Open and print out the document called "GBR Interactive Questions" (attachment 1).

2. Click on this link: https:/attenboroughsreef.com. Press 'Explore' and follow the directions on the website. Watch the videos and use the interactive tools, answering the questions on your sheet as you go. (NOTE: the questions are only about the first section but you can do the rest if you want to). 

3. Make a start on Green Book unit (attachment 2). See the question sheet attached & scans of textbook questions (in the box to the right). These questions are not due until the end of term - you can work on them at your own pace, and will occasionally be given time in class.

1. GBR Interactive questions.pdf
2. Green Book Unit (bookwork).docx
Green book - page scans
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Page 88-89.pdf
Page 90-91.pdf
Page 92-93.pdf
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