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Sports day vocabulary

Week 6

der 100m Lauf              100m race

der Diskus (-se)            discus (equipment)

der Hürdenlauf (-“e)      hurdle race

der Hochsprung (-“e)     high jump

der Speerwerfen (-)       javelin (sport)

der Sport (-)                  sport

der Stab (-“e)                baton

der Stabwechsel (-)       baton change

der Stafettenlauf (-“e)    relay race

der Weitsprung (-“e)      long jump

die Hürde (n)                hurdle (equipment)

das Diskuswerfen (-)     discus (sport)

das Kugelstoβen (-)       shot put

das Rennen (-)              race

laufen                           to run

springen                        to jump

Vocab Week 1

In your lessons we will discuss the words in your German memo book. You will be having a test on the vocab words I give you each week.

To avoid clashing with your English spelling test you will have your German vocab test on the first German lesson of the week.  If you are in 8A it will be Tuesdays, and 8B will be during the Thursday lesson.  I will use different ways of testing your learning, and try to incorporate fun into your lessons.  It may be a game, or a kahoot, crossword, or just a regular list of words.  

If you have any questions or concerns, please always ask me first.  I would much rather you speak with me and I change something, and we save you the stress of worrying for no reason.  

Week 1

der Strand (-“e)                      beach

das Meer (-e)                         ocean/sea

der See (-n)                           lake

die Welle (-n)                         wave

der Sand (-)                           sand

der Sandbank (-“e)                 sandbank

der Rockpool (-s)                   rockpool

der Stein (-e)                         stone

der Fisch (-e)                         fish

die Möwe (-n)                        seagull

schwimmen                           to swim

surfen                                    to surf

wellenreiten                           to ride waves

das Surfboard (s)                   surfboard