Vocab Lists
Vocab Expectations

1. We will go through the week's words in class at the start of every week.

2. At the start of most English classes you'll have a few minutes to either complete online homework or use the practice program.

3. At the end of the week there will be a test on the spelling, meaning, and part of speech for each word. As part of the quiz, you will also need to choose 3 words from the list and write a sentence for each. Write one simple, one compound and one complex sentence. There will also be questions about identifying the subject, verb and conjunctions.

We will go through how to do all of these things in class and there is a help sheet attached. You can also watch the videos on the right for more information.

Help sheet: simple, complex & compound sentences.docx
Help sheet: Finding the Subject, Verb & Conjunctions.pdf
Simple & Compound Sentences
Simple Compound & Complex Sentences