Practical Investigations
Videos: Working with numbers
List of sensors

- temperature (normal thermometer / usb thermometer)
- time (stopwatch)
- frequency of sound (Audacity or Friture)
- amplitude of sound (Audacity)
- charge (coulomb meter)
- speed (usb light gate)
- acceleration (usb light gate)
- distance (measuring tape / ruler)
- magnetic field strength (usb sensor)
- force or mass (electronic balance / spring balance / bathroom scales)
- wavelength (colour) of light (spectroscope / Tracker)
- voltage (multimeter)
- current (multimeter)
- resistance (multimeter)
- brightness of light (lux meter)
- concentration (colorimeter)
- wind speed (anemometer)

Year 11 Physics Tasks
Analysing conductors - Practical investigation.docx
Free design experiment.pdf
Year 12 Physics Tasks
Free Design prac.docx
Magnetic Flux Density prac.docx
Prac Skills Questions (Physics)